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[28 Nov 2005|09:03pm]

no one writes in this anymore

you guys suck
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Kanji Learning Software [02 Jul 2005|05:41pm]

Interested in kanji?

download here http://rainboo.com/yokozuna
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BEHOLD!! [22 May 2005|10:16pm]

Courtesy of googlism.com:

wanito is back
wanito is the all star captain on the mijos baseball team
wanito is the most recent guest and one of the main attractions of the rustic casino´s zoo
wanito is made 100% from the agave plant
wanito is een indiaans jongetje
wanito is a comfortable tourist class boat
wanito is betrothed to alice
wanito is situated almost at the end of a quiet cul
wanito is the cp driver
wanito is in madrid
wanito is miserable
wanito is a boxing teacher
wanito is originally from the philippines
wanito is a perfectionist when it comes to the recording
wanito is in the spain squad for their euro 2004 tie with northern ireland
wanito is a star and heavily sought after in spain
wanito is the office intern
wanito is dead
wanito is the son of migrant workers from mexico
wanito is picked up and hurled back down into the cavern before it is sealed up was edited out
wanito is a driving tale of adventurous aussie proportions
wanito is made seem especially appropriate to this creature? vocabulary
wanito is a little boy
wanito is barely taller than ryan
wanito is also in
wanito is a perfectionist when it comes to the recording studio
wanito is blinking
wanito is very pale in comparison to the others in the still and his lightly colored pajamas accentuate his supposed innocence and necessity of attention from
wanito is conservative
wanito is falsely accused of the murder of his girlfriend's father
wanito is the last restaurant on the right hand side of the street
wanito is always on time when he has to pick you up at 4 am in the morning
wanito is also a long time teacher of the afro
wanito is initially confined to his home because the stairs leading to his apartment prevent his independence
wanito is an excellent road with good scenery and curves
wanito is pretty extravagant
wanito is sired via
wanito is growing bigger and heavier
wanito is the recipient
wanito is bewildered by a new school and a new language and feels like his world has been
wanito is a true fighter who's conquered a lot since his birth last november
wanito is collecting money roadside on highway ca13 after he and his little brother have filled up some of the potholes in the pavement
wanito is of course juanito
wanito is reading over my shoulder…ok he’s done now
wanito is boring
wanito is bewildered by his new school
wanito is big»
wanito is the most well known rhythm associated with this instrument
wanito is raised by grandparents determined to make him speak
wanito is replying to this message
wanito is going to the festival in the plains
wanito is the only other guy here
wanito is a 20 meter yacht
wanito is playing on the floor
wanito is 8
wanito is the shy one
wanito is absent 2 days
wanito is confused by his new school and misses life in the fields working as a campesino
wanito is amused
wanito is no longer "little john
wanito is hit by a car and elena goes to his side
wanito is in the care waiting to see elena since he's figured out that is the prison
wanito is growing up
wanito is around us
wanito is bewildered about the new school and misses his old life
wanito is based on her willingness to take him to late night movies without his mother’s
wanito is a young servant of don gonzalo
wanito is selected to cover his team
wanito is known to have had with fortunata
wanito is
wanito is a long standing friend of this site even in remote absencia
wanito is badly injured
wanito is afraid that no one
wanito is a dog
wanito is a lead developer
wanito is tense or he was tense
wanito is supposed to be a chubby mexican child
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[21 May 2005|11:09pm]

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[07 Apr 2005|07:47pm]

post anything that you want but post it anonymously.
a story, a photo, a love, a hate, a secret...anything.
also make sure it has to do with the mori.
don't be afraid to start drama.
make sure you post it anonymously, though.
you can post as many times as you like.
this is open to non-friends too.
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[05 Apr 2005|04:08pm]



(you have to subscribe for some of them but COME ON. IT'S FRANZ VAN CURA.)

edit make that franz JOSEPH van cura http://db.etree.org/fvancura

also, this may be the best thing i ever read: It definitely lived up to Mr. Franz Vancura’s. assessment of Pete’s Pizza: “Pete’s Pizza is like Pearl Jam, they’re both good.”
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POCKYSHOTS lives [02 Apr 2005|12:00am]

[ mood | ZANY. ]

Kim saw an exhibit in which the artist saved her used tampons in plastic bags each month and displayed them in a large filing cabinet. I think we need to get back to a more strict definition of art
okay, ya'll need to seriously start postin in this hea community. there is only so much we can do. aren't you gettin tha vapors just thinking about posting here? don't you want to draw bad fanart? write fanfiction about MnI? you know you do!!!

come on, here are some story starters:

1. Koinosuke is sitting on the dock in the middle of the night pondering the symbolism in (insert obscure anime here) when Wanito comes up behind him... (WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???)

2. Yoshitaka is wandering the shokudo in the early morning hours when Sachiko shows up dressed in full Nazi regalia... (WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???)

and... a classic...

3. Hajime is walking along when it begins to rain. He is soaked to the bone, and rushes into the nearest cabin. Waiting inside for him is a naked Kage... (WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???) (c)Chihagime (TM)2003

~come on~ you are inspired!
or write some shitty angst-ridden, j-rock-inspired song. MIDI's appreciated. we will make all your MnI dreams come true. we have the drive! we have the hope, the inspiration!
so show some camp spirit and POST YOU MOLDY, SPIT-SOAKED, UGLY SONS OF BITCHES. w/e
okay, so it's midnight and this all seems really funny, especially kanae laughing voicelessly from all the crap we've done today already. we've been playing sims 2 like nonstop... BABIES ARE ON THE WAY. that's right - you heard me - BABIES!
also, kage married his daughter. just FYI. oh, and his name is Voltaire now. he's best friends with JFK and he keeps a couple of retards chained up in his house. <3
he's it! he's the ultimate
it's automatic i'm sure of it
no lie, he's the reason why!
(ask lindsay lohan for the rest of the lyrics)
P.S. - we might power Pockyshots.com (REMEMBER THAT SITE!?) with mediaWiki

Jun (Bob)/SumikoCollapse )

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THE SIMS 2 - MORI NO IKE DRAMA ((SCREENCAPS)) [01 Apr 2005|09:12pm]

[ mood | creative ]

all is peaceful in the idyllic "square but awesome" home.
(standing: jin, yuzuki, takeshi, takeshi's japanese girlfriend, ryoko; sitting: jun, miyabi)
watch the drama unfoldCollapse )

cause tonight for the first time - - - - - - - - - - just about half-past ten - - - - - - - - - - for the first time in history - - - - - - - - - - it's gonna start raining men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Rainin' Men! Hallelujah! It's Rainin' Men! Amen!!!

a final note - C is for Chiharu, K is for Kanae (and Kooler Kids, so get up on the bus!)

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Chiharu is about to bring joy to your sad sad lives!!! wooooooo~ [30 Mar 2005|08:36pm]

[ mood | ZAAANY!!!! ]


~Wanito is so hardcore that he had an affair with F. Scott Fitzgerald
~Wanito is so hardcore that he has a Diamond as Big as the Ritz - it's called his heart
~Wanito is so hardcore that hears you say "anyway" he'll just kill you on the spot (applies especially to masako and chiharu)
~Wanito is so hardcore that he makes pralines out of teeth
~Wanito is so hardcore that he carries around stickers of himself and gives them out to cats
~Wanito is so hardcore he keeps wigs in boxes and throws parties for dogs and has a giant magnet collection on an enormous refridgerator
~Wanito is so hardcore he went back in time and bitch-slapped Henry Ford for being anti-Semetic
~Wanito is so hardcore he's honorarily Jewish
~Wanito is so hardcore that he knows all the most obscure Disney characters and when he sees them in Disneyworld he goes and gives them a big, hardcore hug
~Wanito is so hardcore that he knows how to lose a guy in TWO days
~Wanito is so hardcore that he watched the entire demented cartoon movie even though he knew it was the worst thing ever he could still sit through it
~Wanito is so hardcore that he bashed in the skull of Brian Kendall, creator of the demented cartoon movie for ripping off Monty Python and being unneccessarily repetitive and lacking enough confidence to shy away from a self-commentary. what a dumb fuck - WHY DON'T YOU TALK TO KEATON9999, BRIAN KENDALL???
~Wanito is so hardcore that he saw Eric Idle trying to make Spamalot while all the Monty Python members were alive and he was like "you guys, that's not a good idea"
~Wanito is so hardcore that whenever he gets up to zany antics YAKKEDY SAX starts playing in the background and he moves in fast motion A LA BENNY HILL HIS FAVORITE BRITISH COMEDY
~Wanito is so hardcore that he says "you guys, that's not a good idea" but like cassandra of greek mythology his warnings aren't heeded but unlike her he doesn't really care cause he's that hardcore
~Wanito is so hardcore that he doesn't speak English - NO REALLY HE DOESN'T SHUT UP!!! DO YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF S-T-F-U!?
~Wanito is so hardcore that when he draws harry potter fanart, snape doesn't look like alan rickman or a bishonen
~Wanito is so hardcore he doesn't know what Rockabilly is
~Wanito is so hardcore that he's randomly in love with result on google image search for "quiff" regardless of its sex
~Wanito is so hardcore that he's gay for Benny Hill
~Wanito is so hardcore that he bitchslapped Sango and it was awesome (a la Regina George, his favorite teen queen)
~Wanito is so hardcore that he invented teen queens
~Wanito is so hardcore that he was an honorary member of Queen
~Wanito is so hardcore that he saw Tim Curry in non-drag for rocky horror and said, "you guys, this isn't a good idea. put him in drag"
~Wanito is so hardcore that can cook popcorn with his eyes
~Wanito is so hardcore that he can kill a yak from 150 yards away with MIND BULLETS
~Wanito is so hardcore that he's never heard Mr. Brightside by the Killers and never will
~Wanito is so hardcore that instead of snoring, he sings hana in his sleep
~Wanito is so hardcore when he farts, it sounds like a symphony
~Wanito is so hardcore he makes you be witness to his poetry
~Wanito is so hardcore he writes masculine poetry
~Wanito is so hardcore he has a tatoo of teddy roosevelt on one thigh and a tatoo of ernest hemingway on the other thigh
~Wanito is so hardcore that he said "bully for you" and chiharu died
~Wanito is so hardcore that he draws/writes teddy roosevelt/ernest hemingway slash (sometimes including f. scott fitzgerald)
~Wanito is so hardcore that shiro did a dance for him and wanito clapped, but shiro hated him for it
~Wanito is so hardcore that he understood the demented cartoon movie, but refused to share its true meaning with the world
~Wanito is so hardcore that he found a cure for cancer, but he found it in a time before language and he cannot express it in a way that we can understand
~Wanito is so hardcore that he lost another loan to ditech!
~Wanito is so hardcore ditech loses loans to him
~Wanito is so hardcore he knew cooper's name
~Wanito is so hardcore he's just trying to coop with reality
-Naoko Takeuchi is the L. Ron Hubbard of Manga

-Wanito is so hardcore that he is listed on Humanity's candidates for Featured Article page perpetually.

-Wanito is so hardcore that, like, the guy that went to assassinate Trotsky had 20 ice picks and Wanito jumped in front of the first 19, but then he found out Trotsky was a communist because he read Lenin's diary again! and then he let the twentieth ice pick hit Trotsky.

-Wanito is so hardcore that he went back in time and yelled to Stalin "communism sucks!" AND STALIN DIED.

-Wanito is so hardcore that he went back in time when Prince Siddhartha was meditated and being tempted and he made fun of him for being a big doofus who sat under a tree all day and Buddha was so ashamed he got up and ran away and cried

-Wanito is so hardcore that he randomly sends boxes of raw meat to people

-Wanito is so hardcore that he shatters through religion while Pachabel's Canon in D Minor plays IN SLOW MOTION.

-Wanito is so hardcore that he could sit through a month of the Munsters

-Wanito is so hardcore that he told the Trojans not to open the Trojan horse and so the Greeks freaked out and were gonna get out of it but Odysseus said, "nay, stay within the horse - athena is with us" only athena got pissed at war in general so she wasn't and Wanito told the Trojans to burn the horse for Zeus and the Greeks got roasted alive and then afterwards one of them was like, "why do i smell burning hair?" to which Wanito replied, "you don't wanna know"

-Wanito is so hardcore he went up to Keanu Reeves and said "if you ever say 'whoa' again, i'll kill you" and that's why Keanu Reeves doesn't say "whoa" anymore.

-Wanito is so hardcore that Clay Aiken is like the anti-Wanito but if he met Clay AIken only Clay Aiken would implode and explode because Wanito is too hardcore even for his antimatter

-Wanito is so hardcore that John Mayer wrote "your body is a wonderland" for him, but wanito didn't like it so now if wanito ever sees John Mayer again, John Mayer will stop writing sensitive music and instead will sing about killing babies and scream a lot

-Wanito is so hardcore that he participated in the special olympics and they were supposed to giv ea medal to everyone but they gave all of them to wanito because it would have been just wrong to say anyone else could participate on his level

-Wanito is so hardcore he has his own Bratz doll

-Wanito is so hardcore he implanted the question "who is wanito?" in my dad's brain

-Wanito is so hardcore, you can set your watch by how hardcore he is

-Wanito is so hardcore he turned o-zone straight, but that wasn't right so he made them gay again

-Wanito is so hardcore that he made a taco and the taco exploded

-Wanito is so hardcore that if you went to the center of the earth, it would just be Wanito if full lotus position singing "old man river"

-Wanito is so hardcore that the kanji for Wanito is just a huge black box

-Wanito is so hardcore he holds the only known copy of a DVD of Walt Disney's "Song of the South" autographed by Br'er Rabbit himself

-Wanito is so hardcore that he killed Br'er Rabbit

-Wanito is so hardcore that there is never a lone tree in a forest falling - he is always there to hear it so yes, it does make a sound

-Wanito is so hardcore that he wrote his name on the ceiling of nagano, but it so big you can't read it

-Wanito is so hardcore that he scraped his knee and from his blood sprang W

-Wanito is so hardcore that he touches milk and it changes to Jack Daniel's

-Wanito is so hardcore that he is that angel from the Bishop's Wife and every angel in every movie ever

-Wanito is so hardcore that he is an angel in the outfield

-Wanito is so hardcore that these are just tributes! And the true wanito-core cannot be captured in words

-Wanito is so hardcore that he IS wonderboy

-Wanito is so hardcore that when you flip open his watch theremin music plays really loud with lots of disney chorus stuff

-Wanito is so hardcore he has a watch that flips open

-Wanito is so hardcore that his life story will star Denzel Washington and it'll be really moving and it'll win a million academy awards

-Wanito is so hardcore that this entry is public

-Wanito is so hardcore that Bill Weasley imitates him

-Wanito is so hardcore he's not Wanito, he's Wanito Puffs Cereal!

-Wanito is so hardcore that silly rabbit, Wanito's for kids!

-Wanito is so hardcore that they're always after his lucky charms

-Wanito is so hardcore that at the end of the credits to his life it will say "Wanito Fairytopia"

-Wanito is so hardcore that Oscar Wilde was in love with him

-Wanito is so hardcore that ever romance novel is about him

-Wanito is so hardcore that he posed for the cover of every romance novel ever and let Fabio take the credit

-Wanito is so hardcore that he met Rasputin and he was jealous of Wanito 'cause he had a much more penetrating gaze and all the women were in love with him and he ran the Russian government UNDERSTAND ME!!! WHEN I SAYYYYY

-Wanito is so hardcore that they sell "ironic" t-shirts of him at urban outfitters

-Wanito is so hardcore that though he is a brute, women fall into his arms

-Wanito is so hardcore that he is both Uncle Remus and Remus John Lupin and Lupin III simultaneously

-Wanito is so hardcore that when he grits his teeth it's like burning magnesium and it has a white hot glow that cannot be looked at directly

-Wanito is so hardcore that there are no coincidences - only Wanito

-Wanito is so hardcore he is the entire Egyptian Pantheon

-Wanito is so hardcore that he carved the first omaneki neko

-Wanito is so hardcore he has Pokemon Jade

-Wanito is so hardcore he's eaten a pinecone

-Wanito is so hardcore they wanted him to star in every movie ever but he was too hardcore

-Wanito is so hardcore he hand-picked Ellen Degeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy to do that ride/show at Disneyworld together

-Wanito is so hardcore he saw a rabbit fall down and he helped it back up

-Wanito is so hardcore he shot Bambi's mom

-Wanito is so hardcore he caught Gaston after he fell off of the castle and then threw him in the river

-Wanito is so hardcore he dreams of Pocahontas

-Wanito is so hardcore that sometimes people just see him and spit up on themselves

-Wanito is so hardcore the song "Shaft" is actually about him

-Wanito is so hardcore he could make Jimmy Neutron funny

-Wanito is so hardcore all he keeps doing is talkin about the rabbits!

-Wanito is so hardcore he's a hunky junior senator from Massachusetts

-Wanito is so hardcore that he outed Jimmy Neutron as a Nazi

-Wanito is so hardcore that he's Maude from Harold and Maude

-Wanito is so hardcore that people look at him and have flashbacks to The War

-Wanito is so hardcore that when all the sensei were talking about doing "Rabu Train" he said, "guys, this isn't a good idea"

-Wanito is so hardcore that he told Hajime to stop dancing and he did

-Wanito is so hardcore that when Hayao gets next to him he seems suddenly way more hardcore just by being next to him

-Wanito is so hardcore he wrote Slam Dunk

-Wanito is so hardcore he writes Mori no Ike slash

-Wanito is so hardcore he draws Mori no Ike doujinshi (LIKE ME, CHIHARU!! XD OMG)

-Wanito is so hardcore he participated in Emo day, but we didn't know it because he was just too hardcore for us to comprehend

-Wanito is so hardcore that he saw Koinosuke looking at Hajime's butt and just slapped him

-Wanito is so hardcore that he saw Jay Gatsby being an idiot and he was like, "that's not such a good idea"

-Wanito is so hardcore that F Scott Fitzgerald cries when he thinks about him (but that's because F.S.F. is so sensitive)

-Wanito is so hardcore that all the buddhists mistook Siddhartha for him, but he was too hardcore to care or correct them

-The only good thing Susan Sarandon did with her life was be in Rocky Horror

-Wanito is so hardcore that he did it with Takeshi-sensei's on-again-off-again Japanese girlfriend

-Wanito is so hardcore he built this city on Rock and Roll

-Wanito is so hardcore that if he ever broke a sweat it would smell like Tuffy's

-Wanito is so hardcore that he broke his neck and all he said was "itai itai" unenthusiastically

"that's not such a good idea"

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[26 Mar 2005|05:38pm]

Hey guys, need some help. If anyone has the MP3s of either

Pink Lady - UFO
Psycho le Cemu - Prism
Alane (I think that's the spelling, the I-Day song from two years ago)
or any of the various other morning warm up songs

I'd be eternally grateful if you could get them to me!!!
And yes, it's because I'm working on the video. ^_~

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[07 Feb 2005|07:07pm]


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[30 Nov 2004|09:44am]

eli hates me is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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i would just like to clarificate somethin: [01 Nov 2004|08:01pm]


masako and i...

real fake boyfriend and girlfriend

click here to see my real REAL boyfriendCollapse )
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[09 Oct 2004|05:53pm]

For you kids, I made this crappy icon
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ATTENTION 森の池 KIDS! [04 Oct 2004|04:01pm]


the steps to the Pink Lady - UFO Dance!

Originally this was in my personal journal, but not as many 森の池 people would see it there...
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Hey, sorry if someone already put this up... [16 Sep 2004|02:27pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I just found that little blue card they gave us at I-Day with lyrics to songs we might sing. Maybe someone will appreciate the nostalgia...

つばさを ください
いま わたしの ねがいごとが
かなうならば つばさがほしい
このせならに とりのように
しろいつばさ つけてください
このおぞらに つばさをひろげ
かなしみのない じゅうなそらへ
つばさ はためかせ ゆきたい

うみは ひろいな
つきは のぼろし
ひは しずむ

でいごのはなが さき
かぜを よび あらしが きた
でいごが さきみだれ
かぜをよび あらしが きた
くりはえす かなしみは
しまわたる なみの よう
うーじのもりで あなたと であい
うーじのしたで ちよに さよなら
しまうたよ かぜに のり
とりと ともに うみを わたれ
しまうたよ かぜに のり
とどけて おくれ わたしの なみだ。
しまうたよ かぜに のり
とどけて おくれ わたしの あいを

シャワー タイム

シャワー タイム
シャワー あびよう
みんあで けれいに なろう
シャワー タイム
せっけん つかおう
このからだ くさくないよう

ラバー ダッキー

ラバー ダッキー あなたと
おふる はいるの たのしい
ラバー ダッキー ともだち だよ

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[25 Aug 2004|02:57pm]

[ mood | gumshoin' it ]


so i was talking to sango today...Collapse )

p.s. pockyshots has a layout. finally!

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[05 Aug 2004|07:55pm]


the third girl from the right, isn't that hideko-oh-oh??? and that's totally not some awesome nickname between her and me, i just made that up right now, so i'm gonna call her that from now on i think. oh oh oh, it's hideko-oh-oh~ with long, blondish, brownish, hairs~

i dunno where she found it, but it's from gleebleweeble (Rikako) :D sooo yaay!
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OMFG [05 Aug 2004|07:50pm]

hay you guys, i don't think i'm imagining this:

the third girl from the right, isn't that hideko-oh-oh??? and that's totally not some awesome nickname between her and me, i just made that up right now, so i'm gonna call her that from now on i think. oh oh oh, it's hideko-oh-oh~ with long, blondish, brownish, hairs~

i dunno where she found it, but it's from
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<lj-user="gleebleweeble">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

hay you guys, i don't think i'm imagining this:
<a href="http://clvweb.cord.edu/Archives/2002/japanese/dent2/photos/mvc-014f.html">Hideko-sensei</a>

the third girl from the right, isn't that hideko-oh-oh??? and that's totally not some awesome nickname between her and me, i just made that up right now, so i'm gonna call her that from now on i think. oh oh oh, it's hideko-oh-oh~ with long, blondish, brownish, hairs~

i dunno where she found it, but it's from <lj-user="gleebleweeble" text="Rikako">. :D sooo yaay!
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YES. [05 Aug 2004|02:01pm]

Wanito is so hard core, he KNIT Yoshitaka-sensei's forward-thinking, unisexual, gender-neutral seifuku using ONLY dental floss and his TEETH, plus his left big toe, because every time he used thread or yarn or knitting needles, they EXPLODED, and every store in Spain barred him from entry because he bought out their entire knitting-supply stock, PLUS he made the theft-protectors EXPLODE because he is WAY too hard core to steal and they INSULTED HIM.

Excerpted from my Blog. I felt like sharing.
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