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... and while at el lago del bosque, she sneaked a peak at our dear wanito-sensei's health forms!
apparently, he IS honto ni nijugosai.
and while googling his full name, i found this:

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to the column “The Value of Communication” I feel that the column portrayed the International Compound as some sort of chaotic living situation, this is far from the case. I have been living in the Spanish House (Las Casa Hispanica) for the past three years. During that time I have never had a problem of any type.

This year an apartment of “Spanish” girls living in the French House was consolidated with an apartment in the Spanish House. Why did the Spanish department choose to make two girls move thirty feet? There were two main reasons; first the Spanish department wanted to ensure that those two girls would be part of the Spanish House community and not feel isolated in the French House.

As a result of the Spanish department’s actions there was an empty apartment in the French House. However that apartment did not stay empty long, within days the empty apartment was filled with three transfer students who would not have had on campus housing otherwise.

Communication has never seemed to be a problem. In fact it seems to be one of the IC’s strong points. This Saturday one of the residents lost or had their keys stolen. Within hours, the House and apartment were re-keyed. .

At 12:30 I returned from work to find my Hall Director, a Spanish professor, and Heather, my RA, waiting outside to hand out the new keys and make sure everyone could go home without waking their roommates.

The topic of publicizing the IC is where I see problems because it is very simple for those of us who live here; we don’t want others to live here. We like the fact that no one knows where we live. It gives us the level of privacy and community that other residences lack. There are between thirty and forty of us in different houses, not per floor like in the Bogs. We know everyone and have the level of security that is found in small towns. With daily intervis we are able to work on our language homework with each other regardless of gender, sort of like adults, as well as share meals and socialize.

I personally have had the opportunity to live with a Costa Rican, Spaniard , Canadian, and even some people from Minnesota during my stay. I have had ample exposure to Spanish and Spanish speakers including my Hall Director, who is from Uruaguay. But not only have I had the chance to get to know other Spanish majors, I have also gotten to know French majors, German majors, Norwegian students (There had been a Norwegian apartment in the French house one year), and now some transfer students. I would hope that everyone could have the experience of living in the Compound. Just wait until I’ve graduated.

Jon Rothman ‘01

ok, i have no idea what it's about, BUT it was from a concordia thing so i assume it was him!!

also, he lives in minnesota. HMMMM. ROAD TRIPPU!!!!!!!!!1111!1

p.s. pockyshots has a layout. finally!
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