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Kim saw an exhibit in which the artist saved her used tampons in plastic bags each month and displayed them in a large filing cabinet. I think we need to get back to a more strict definition of art
okay, ya'll need to seriously start postin in this hea community. there is only so much we can do. aren't you gettin tha vapors just thinking about posting here? don't you want to draw bad fanart? write fanfiction about MnI? you know you do!!!

come on, here are some story starters:

1. Koinosuke is sitting on the dock in the middle of the night pondering the symbolism in (insert obscure anime here) when Wanito comes up behind him... (WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???)

2. Yoshitaka is wandering the shokudo in the early morning hours when Sachiko shows up dressed in full Nazi regalia... (WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???)

and... a classic...

3. Hajime is walking along when it begins to rain. He is soaked to the bone, and rushes into the nearest cabin. Waiting inside for him is a naked Kage... (WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???) (c)Chihagime (TM)2003

~come on~ you are inspired!
or write some shitty angst-ridden, j-rock-inspired song. MIDI's appreciated. we will make all your MnI dreams come true. we have the drive! we have the hope, the inspiration!
so show some camp spirit and POST YOU MOLDY, SPIT-SOAKED, UGLY SONS OF BITCHES. w/e
okay, so it's midnight and this all seems really funny, especially kanae laughing voicelessly from all the crap we've done today already. we've been playing sims 2 like nonstop... BABIES ARE ON THE WAY. that's right - you heard me - BABIES!
also, kage married his daughter. just FYI. oh, and his name is Voltaire now. he's best friends with JFK and he keeps a couple of retards chained up in his house. <3
he's it! he's the ultimate
it's automatic i'm sure of it
no lie, he's the reason why!
(ask lindsay lohan for the rest of the lyrics)
P.S. - we might power Pockyshots.com (REMEMBER THAT SITE!?) with mediaWiki

Jun was not the most dashing, charming or handsome of the male sensei in 2002, but he was well-liked and popular. Unfortunately, the ladies didn't agree. They watched him walk around dispassionately while they swooned over Ryu-sensei, Shigeru-sensei, and EVEN Yoshitaka-sensei (WHAT KIND OF SICK FREAK WOULD DO THIS, WE DO NOT KNOW?!?!? :tongue in cheek:). Then, one day, he came back to Mori no Ike in the frigid winter air because he realized he had left something VERY important behind. He drove out to Dent and began the long walk to the Mori no Ike campsite.
As he trudged on, thinking of the tragic breakup he and his girlfriend had had not two months ago, he began to cry. One thing no one knew about Jun was just how very beautiful he was when he cried. It was like the stars and all the songs of the heavens began to shine through him. He wiped his eyes bravely when he heard a honk come from behind him.
Shocked, he turned around to see a beautiful young woman in a minivan marked "concordia language villages." Her skin was dark and tan, but her hair was light and brown. Her eyebrows were very well-plucked and a gleaming smile crossed her face as she looked at Jun. "Need a ride?" She chippered!
"Yeah..." he said sadly. "I would like a ride."
She opened the door and watched him get in. He looked at a box in the back seat marked "Vergas" and a look of amazement crossed his face. "So where you headed to?" THe girl asked.
"Lakeside camp," he replied tersely.
"What's your name?"
"Jun. What's your name?"
"Sumiko." She smiled hugely at the road ahead, but turned up the music anyway.
Jun began to turn around to get the box marked "Vergas" - it had what he'd been looking for inside it! Suddenly, she grabbed his arm. He looked up at her, frightened.
"What are you doing?" he asked her tersely.
She slammed on the breaks. Suddenly the song changed - "Hungry Like the Wolf." She cranked it up. "Is the thing you want in that box?"
He looked surprised at her knowingly good glance. "Yes..."
She yoinked a book from the box and held it up to her face. The title read - "How to Make Really Cute and Effective Cat Noises; By: Jun" She smiled, somehow even bigger, and laughed a little.
Jun felt a tingle go down his spine. "You read my book?"
"It's my absolute favorite," she whimpered.
He pounced on her.

(the rest is too perverted to write)

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